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Update From Joseph M. Lichtenstein

I had the good fortune, just before Thanksgiving 2016, of having won my second large verdict this year.

In May 2016, I won a $9,200,000.00 verdict on behalf of a young boy who suffered deafness and brain damage because of a failure to work him up for a bacterial illness when he presented to the hospital ER, after days of a high fever, and now having a seizure at home. They sent him home without a single test being done. He ended up with meningitis.

In November 2016, I won a $4,000,000.00 verdict in Buffalo New York on behalf of a 44 year old man who suffered from Cauda Equina Syndrome due to a post-operative abscess. Because of the failure to treat him when his wife called up and told the doctor he had suddenly become incontinent, after having just been discharged from the hospital with severe back and leg pain, leg weakness, leg numbness and fever, he has forever lost control over his bowels and bladder, and has lost all sexual function. He also has excruciating pain in his legs for the rest of his life.

I'd like to think that we are doing some good in helping these unfortunate victims to have a better quality of life.

Joseph M. Lichtenstein

Hear What Others Are Saying About Us ...

“Joe has consistently taken the lead on issues such as maternal forces and other related brachial plexus matters. His meticulous research and persuasive arguments have convinced judges to issue favorable rulings that others in our group have tried and failed to achieve. His work helps expose nonsense such as the maternal forces argument and helps us all fight for the injured children we represent.

Thank you Joe. We appreciate your hard work and tireless effort to expose the lies, half truths and junk. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say thank you for allowing us to ride on the coat tails of your fine work.”

Ken Levine
Kenneth Levine & Associates

Client Testimonials

“Just a little note of thanks to tell you just how very much your business with us has meant. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for such a great job you and your staff has done. I wish you great success in every case you handle.”

Ms. Hines, client

“At the time we retained Mr. Lichtenstein we had nearly given up finding an attorney to prosecute this case. 3 major firms had turned us down. Each rejection made us feel more defeated and hopeless. I was so deeply grateful to Mr. Lichtenstein for agreeing to take the case, and for working so hard to make it so successful.”

As stated by a recent client in Court papers for a case that settled for over a million dollars

Attorney Joseph M. Lichtenstein Overturns “Maternal Forces of Labor” Defense

In Muhammad v. Fitzpatrick, Attorney Joseph M. Lichtenstein was successful in overturning the decades old “maternal forces of labor” defense which blocked birth injury victims from seeking the just compensation that they deserve. (read entire article here)

Our Firm Has Obtained Million Dollar Plus
Verdicts And Settlements For Many Clients

In Cases Of Catastrophic Injury And Death, Our Firm Has Often
Taken On The Hard Cases Others Will Not Or Cannot - AND WON!

  • In 2016, won Enriquez v. Long Island Jewish Medical Center. The case involved the claimed failure to timely diagnose meningitis in a 5 month old baby, resulting in deafness, and developmental delays. The defense offered $100,000, the jury returned a verdict of $9,315,000;
  • In 2014 won a multi-million case for an american hero with an amputation, where another firm had turned the case down;
  • In 2014 won over a million dollars for the death of a young father and husband where 4 major firms turned the case down.
  • Has won millions of dollars in birth injury cases when other firms turned the case down;
  • Frequently asked to lecture and teach other lawyers how to prosecute these cases;
  • Nationally Recognized As Leader And Innovator In Birth Injury And Erb’s Palsy Cases;
Our Verdicts and Settlements
  • In 2015 won over $4 million for child brain damaged because of medical malpractice - a case other prominent attorneys turned away;
  • In 2015 won over $2 million for a young girl who developed a severe infection because of her pediatrician's malpractice in failing to diagnose strep;
  • $47 Million Dollar Verdict in Brooklyn Case for a Brain Injured Baby;
  • $8 Million Dollars Settlement Value in Nassau County Case for Brain Damaged Baby;
  • $5 Million Dollar Settlement in Queens Case for Woman injured by a truck;
  • $4.4 Million Dollar Settlement in Bronx Case for Woman with a Stroke;
  • $4 Million Dollar Settlement in Bronx Case for baby with cerebral palsy from medical Malpractice;
  • $4 Million Dollar Settlement in Bronx Case for Baby brain damages in Hospital;
  • $2.75 Million Dollar Settlement in Brooklyn Case involving a fire from a product defect;
  • $2.6 Million Dollar Verdict in New York City Case for a Man Dying from a Heart Attack;
  • $2.5 Million Dollar Settlement in Brooklyn Case for baby brain damages at birth;
  • $2 Million Dollar Settlement in an Orange County Case for a baby brain damaged at birth;
  • $1.8 Million Dollar Settlement after Verdict in Westchester County Case involving a truck accident;

The Law Offices of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC represents injured victims or families that have lost a loved one in all types of claims resulting from medical negligence.

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