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Information on Brain Damage

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The brain is not only one of the largest organs in the body, but it is one of the most complex and most important. With over 100 billion nerves found in the brain and the extent of the functions it controls, it stands to reason how one minor injury could lead to devastating consequences. The brain is divided into different lobes and areas.

The frontal lobe controls functions such as problem solving and motor skills and the parietal lobe controls aspects ranging from handwriting to sensation to body position. The part of the brain which controls memory and hearing is the temporal lobe and the part of the brain which controls vision is the occipital lobe.

Any type of damage to the cells in the brain is known as brain damage. Brain injuries are very common, with over 1.4 million people in the U.S. alone suffering from this type of injury every year. It is estimated that there are over 5.3 million people living with the effects of a brain injury, while 50,000 die every year as a result.

Causes of Brain Damage

When it comes to brain damage, there are two common ways that it can be acquired. First is through a traumatic brain injury. When an external force is exerted on the brain, such as through a car accident or fall, the brain could move inside of the skull or the skull could fracture and damage the brain. The second way brain damage could be caused is through an acquired brain injury. This means that the damage is caused from within, such as from a stroke, tumor, or other illness. A stroke can lead to minor or severe brain damage. Sometimes known as a brain attack, a stroke occurs when a blood stops flowing to a certain portion of the brain. Even an interruption of blood flow for a couple of seconds is enough to cause the brain cells to die from a lack of oxygen.

Another complication which could lead to brain damage is a tumor as it can cause pressure to be exerted on the brain. A tumor is defined as a mass of cells that is growing abnormally. Whether this tumor is benign or malignant, the mere presence of this mass can lead to brain damage. In other words, although the tumor may not be cancerous, the fact that there is no room for the tumor within the brain means other parts of the brain will be moved.

Treating Brain Damage

If there was even the possibility of a head injury or brain damage, the individual should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If treatment is not sought, damage which could have been minor may become worse. In order to accurately treat the condition, a CT scan or X-ray may be taken in order to ascertain the extent of the damage. If it is discovered that there is actual damage or destruction of the cells in the brain, surgery may be required to remove it.

Victims of brain injuries may require physical therapy, speech therapy, and long-term care. If you or a family member was the victim of brain damage and you believe that it resulted from negligence on the part of the doctor, you should not be responsible for these expenses. When there is an error in diagnosing or treating the medical condition, it imperative that the victim seeks legal representation.

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