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Wrongful Death Cases

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A wrongful death claim is when someone else may be held liable for the death of a person. This is sometimes caused unintentionally, for example, medical negligence can lead to wrongful death claims against doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other health providers. If your loved one died as the result of medical negligence or any other accident or mistake that was the fault of someone else, contact us and we may be able to get you monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.

Can I sue for a wrongful death claim?

One of the most prevalent questions relating to wrongful death claims is in regards to who and who cannot sue. For example, a boyfriend may wonder if they can sue of the negligence of a doctor caused his girlfriend to die during a surgery. At our firm, we recognize that this is a very real and pressing question. The simplest answer as to who can sue for a wrongful death is the "survivors" of the deceased, also known as the "real parties in interest." Although these vary, they commonly include the following:

  • Immediate Family – This includes spouses and children, as well as parents (as long their child is unmarried).
  • Distant Family – In some circumstances, distant family (such as siblings and grandparents).
  • Financial Sufferers – This includes those who would suffer financially from death, even if not related.

While monetary compensation can never bring your loved one back, you may be struggling with huge medical bills in the wake of your loved one's death. Medical bills, lost wages from missing work and other expenses may be eligible to be compensated. Bringing your case to court may also bring awareness to the mistake or person that caused the wrongful death in the first place.

Contact a New York medical malpractice lawyer to discuss the details of your case and to find out if you have a viable wrongful death claim to make.

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  • $47 Million Dollar Verdict in Brooklyn Case for a Brain Injured Baby;
  • $8 Million Dollars Settlement Value in Nassau County Case for Brain Damaged Baby;
  • $5 Million Dollar Settlement in Queens Case for Woman injured by a truck;
  • $4.4 Million Dollar Settlement in Bronx Case for Woman with a Stroke;
  • $4 Million Dollar Settlement in Bronx Case for baby with cerebral palsy from medical Malpractice;
  • $4 Million Dollar Settlement in Bronx Case for Baby brain damages in Hospital;
  • $2.75 Million Dollar Settlement in Brooklyn Case involving a fire from a product defect;
  • $2.6 Million Dollar Verdict in New York City Case for a Man Dying from a Heart Attack;
  • $2.5 Million Dollar Settlement in Brooklyn Case for baby brain damages at birth;
  • $2 Million Dollar Settlement in an Orange County Case for a baby brain damaged at birth;
  • $1.8 Million Dollar Settlement after Verdict in Westchester County Case involving a truck accident;

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