7 Things to Know When Suing for Sexual Misconduct

sexual misconduct

Are you a victim of sexual misconduct who is considering filing a lawsuit? The litigation of any matter can be mentally and emotionally trying for you and your family.  But because of the unique nature of sexual misconduct cases, this may be an even bigger concern you have.  Read on to learn 7 things you…

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How to Detect Elevated Bilirubin Levels in Newborns

elevated bilirubin

You have a new baby and suddenly another life is completely dependent on you. It’s normal to worry about everything. But if your newborn baby’s skin and eyes seem yellow, these could be signs of jaundice. WebMD says that jaundice in babies can lead to brain damage, so it’s crucial to diagnose it quickly. Jaundice…

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How to Prevent a Uterine Rupture

uterine rupture

The uterus, also more commonly known as the womb, is a vital part of the female reproductive system. The uterus is responsible for the development and nourishment of the baby as the pregnancy advances. As such, the uterus is an extremely well-controlled environment. It is largely shielded from external factors that might harm the baby.…

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Can You Prevent Infantile Kernicterus?


Kernicterus is a form of brain damage which can affect infants shortly after birth. It occurs when the amount of bilirubin in the blood is too high. While bilirubin is crucial to the processes of the body, too much is toxic to the body. In fact, depending on the exposure of bilirubin to the body, the…

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Can You Detect Brachial Plexus in the Womb?

brachial plexus

Giving birth is one of the most amazing feats of our human experience. Unfortunately, pregnancies and childbirth can suffer complications. One complication that is not as documented as other cases is brachial plexus injury. The most common pregnancy complications include: Ectopic pregnancy – when a fertilized egg is outside the uterus. This means the baby can’t…

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What are the Causes and Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy?

erb's palsy

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.  Something is not quite right with your new-born child. Unfortunately, there are a host of things that can go wrong during the delivery of a baby, none of them is your fault, and some of them can be avoided. Medical records tell us that children have suffered from physical birth…

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Cancer Misdiagnosis? You Need to Know Your Rights

cancer misdiagnosis

Cancer misdiagnosis cases are complex and require extensive legal scrutiny, time, and legal expertise. As if the news isn’t hard enough for victims, they must also scramble to figure out what to do next. This guide compiles much of the complicated information that’s already out there into basic, easy-to-read steps for you to follow. Introduction…

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The Top 5 Reasons Surgical Injuries Occur

surgical injuries

Surgery is physically and emotionally. And the last thing you need are extra complications that slow down your recovery. But this doesn’t mean you’re responsible for those complications. If you or a loved one have suffered surgical injuries from a medical operation, you may be entitled to legal action and collect damages for your extra suffering.…

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These are the Failure to Diagnose Legal Options You Need to Know

failure to diagnose

Imagine that you or a loved one are feeling “off” one day, or are even in pain. You go to your physician, they give you a cursory once-over, and say you’ll be fine. You’re not fine. Days go by, and you feel worse. So you go for a second opinion. You find out you have…

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What You’ll Need to Prove in Your Birth Injury Lawsuit

birth injury lawsuits

The birth of your child is always a miraculous experience. Unfortunately, there are rare cases when due to medical negligence, sometimes a healthy baby ends up seriously injured or disabled during the birth. Between six and eight children of every thousand born in the United States will suffer from a birth injury. If your child…

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